Tritanium acetabular shell surgical technique book

Running a inger around the circumference of the shell and a visual check will help determine if the liner is lush with the shell face. The shells are available in sizes 48mm80mm, and offer the option of alumina ceramic or crossfire or x3 polyethylene inserts. Modular tantalum augments for acetabular defects in revision. Reflection acetabular components built a legacy of success on innovation and refinement. Pinnacle shell surgical technique these key surgical steps are highlights only and may not be used for training purposes. Cup position and size are determined using template overlays on the ap radiograph of the hip. May 24, 20 the tritanium acetabular system provides highly porous ingrowth surface manufactured from a commercially pure titanium matrix. Trident ii tritanium acetabular shell outcomes study. Apr 18, 2011 trilogy acetabular system manufacturing video. Thus, the purpose of this study is to present the shortterm results of tritanium acetabular wedge augments for the reconstruction of acetabular defects in ddh and for revision following a failed primary tha. Excellent results of primary tha using a highly porous. Trident tritaniu m ace tabular system surgical protocol.

When implanting the tritanium solid back, cluster hole, or multihole shell, it is recommended. The device is designed with a roughened surface and high coefficient of friction to resist micromotion and promote initial fixation. Early to midterm results of revision hip replacement with. Trident ii tritanium acetabular shell outcomes study full. The tritanium acetabular shell, intended for use in a cementless application, is available in sizes from 44 mm through 66 mm and is compatible with trident polyethylene liners and acetabular screws. It offers guidance that you should heed, but, as with any such technical guide, each surgeon must consider the particular needs of each patient and make appropriate adjustments when and as required. The information contained in this document is intended for. The amount of interference fit should be determined intraoperatively based upon the patients bone quality. A new approach to manage uncontained structural acetabular defects is with tantalum acetabular augments. The trident tritanium shells utilize the screw hole pattern and locking mechanism from the trident acetabular system. Pdf safe surgical technique for associated acetabular fractures. All 5 acetabular cups were augmented with screw fixation as per surgeon preference. Strykers amagine institute, its additive manufacturing innovation center in cork, ireland, is the largest orthopaedic implant additive manufacturing.

The study will specifically look at the need to revise the hip replacement after 5 years. However, no study has been conducted evaluating augmentation of acetabular defects using tritanium acetabular wedge augments. For the detailed procedure, please refer to the pinnacle surgical technique brochure dsemjrc05181044. The acetabulum was then reamed, and a 56mm revision tritanium shell was implanted with 2 screws fig. Acetabular anatomy and the transacetabular fixation of screws in total hip arthroplasty. Trilogy acetabular system 1 trilogy acetabular system surgical technique table of contents acetabular reaming 2 component sizing 2 positioner assembly 3 positioning and alignment 3 implant orientation 4 implant insertion 4 screw insertion 5 liner positioning 5 liner insertion 6 locking ring replacement if required 6 final reduction 7. Full surgical techniques for the tritanium solidback, clusterhole, and multihole shells can be found in the productspecific surgical protocols. If a revision of an existing acetabular shell is required, the surgeons preferred technique for removing the acetabular shell should be used. The enhanced instrument offering accommodates less invasive surgical approaches. Trabecular metal modular acetabular system 9 product information trabecular metal acetabular shells shells are available in 2mm od increments 6202shell odshell type cat. This tritanium group consisted of 118 thas 103 patients that were performed between 2008 and 2009. Trident acetabular system hemispherical surgical protocol step 3b. Previous studies have reported on the use and outcomes of trabecular metal acetabular augments for the reconstruction of acetabular defects.

Manufacturer specifications malloryhead ringloc acetabular series, biomet please note. The ihip acetabular cup system articulates with the femoral stem device assembly in the. Stryker report the shell has 72% porosity, a coefficient of friction of 1. The escalade acetabular shell was designed to maximize range of motion capabilites. The tritanium primary acetabular cup has a hemispherical shell with a repeating lattice design, 72% porosity, a coefficient of friction of 1. However, no study has been conducted evaluating the shortterm results of tritanium acetabular wedge augments for the reconstruction of acetabular defects in tha. Acetabular preparation the acetabulum is prepared by the release and removal of soft tissue using the surgeons preferred technique to gain adequate exposure for reaming. The tritanium acetabular system is a modular component design that is assembled intraoperatively. This surgical technique is a guide to preparing the acetabulum for the trident acetabular. The provisional shells, provisional liners, labels and face plate impactors match the color anodized on the rim and letter designation of the acetabular shell implant figure 1.

Tritanium was developed using a similar 3d structure and was composed of a titanium coating instead of tantalum, to achieve results comparable to the trident cup. Feb 15, 20 this first article in the journals safe surgical technique section presents the standard surgical care, in conjunction with intraoperative tips and tricks, for the safe management of all subgroups of associated acetabular fractures. Stryker hip replacement models causing complications. The stryker tritanium acetabular shell, which replaces a persons hip socket, is made from a titanium alloy coated with a special type of porous foam. Early to midterm results of revision hip replacement with a. The shell is built upon the design features and clinical history of the existing trident tritanium, trident ad, and trident ha hemispherical acetabular shells. The iconacy ihip acetabular cup system consists of a hemispherical titanium alloy acetabular cup i. It was reported that, pt is a b 6, original operation was done in b 6. Tritanium is a novel highly porous titanium material designed for bone ingrowth and biological fixation. None of the equipment posted for sale on is owned by medwow, should you have any questions regarding a specific item, please direct them to the appropriate seller by making use of the available communication channels on the items page.

The tritanium acetabular system provides surgeons with a highly porous ingrowth surface manufactured from a commercially pure titanium matrix. All patients that underwent primary tha with a tritanium primary acetabular component by the senior author, a highvolume arthroplasty surgeon, and had at least 1year followup were included in the study. This surgical technique is a guide to preparing the acetabulum for tritanium acetabular shells utilizing cuttingedge total hip acetabular instrumentation. Pdf safe surgical technique for associated acetabular. The liner should sit lush with the face of the shell. The g7 acetabular system utilizes a unique color coding system designed to offer an efficient operating experience. During the index surgery, all acetabular components were placed to achieve a 1mm press fit as described by the stryker protocol for the tritanium primary cup. Trilogy acetabular system surgical technique table of contents acetabular reaming 2 component sizing 2. This system highlights our trident ii tritanium shell, bringing together our leading additive manufacturing expertise, somadesign process and mako roboticarm assisted surgery system.

Trident tritanium acetabular shell crossfire polyethylene insert and x3 polyethylene insert lfit ion implanted cocr femoral head trident alumina insert alumina femoral head biolox delta trident tritanium. Early to midterm results of revision hip replacement with a tritanium acetabular shell. Trident acetabular system hemispherical surgical protocol. Final reaming under reaming by 1 to 2 mm of the actual trident hemispherical shell size is recommended to achieve interference fit. Safe surgical technique for associated acetabular fractures. Safe surgical technique for associated acetabular fractures article pdf available in patient safety in surgery 71. Trident tritanium acetabular system surgical protocol. Offering a broad selection of shell and liner configurations, the trilogy acetabular system is designed to help restore kinematic function by. Biomet malloryhead ringloc acetabular series prosthesis. These claims are exclusively associated with tritanium technology, used to build the tritanium pl and c cages. Tritanium stryker, mahwah, nj, usa is a highly porous 3dimensional 3d structure designed to mimic the trabecular morphology of natural bone. We revised to shell with a 68 mm revision cup and a 36 mm 10 deg. The acetabular component and screws were grossly loose without any evidence of bony ingrowth. Critical to this success is the polished inner shell surface.

Comparison of a highly porous titanium cup tritanium and. Early aseptic loosening of the tritanium primary acetabular. At his latest followup visit, the patient reported significant relief of his. The pt had a total hip on the other side which was resected due to an infection and is unable to walk. The surgical options include extralarge hemispheric cups 8, 24, high hip center placement, impaction grafting with cement, structural allografts, bilobed oblong cups, and reconstruction cages, 14. The record is updated if the fda identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. The r3 acetabular system continues this legacy by helping to reduce wear on the backside of the liner by utilizing this polished counterface in the refined cup design. Trabecular metal acetabular restrictor and augment surgical. In march 2017, the patients acetabular component was revised. The foam is supposed encourage bone cells to attach to it and grow, thereby creating joint stability. Stryker launches next generation trident ii acetabular. Comments about the stryker tritanium acetabular cup. Stryker is proud to introduce the tritanium primary acetabular system, the only advanced fixation technology manufactured from a commerciallypure titanium matrix.

Metal acetabular restrictor and augment surgical technique. He presented to dr with a grossly loose shell described as a 54 mm psl in the operative report. Acetabular system surgical protocol this publication sets forth detailed recommended procedures for using stryker orthopaedics devices and instruments. Short to midterm followup of the tritanium primary. The tritanium acetabular cup from stryker is an acetabular shell manufactured from tritanium which is a proprietary commercially pure titanium matrix. Class 2 device recall trident hemispherical acetabular shell. Description nonholed 00620203821 trabecular metal acetabular shell, 38mm, solid through i through i 00620207021 trabecular metal acetabular shell, 70mm, solid. Tritanium primary acetabular shell study full text view. Refer to table 1 for insert and shell compatibility and sizing options. Removal of wellfixed hip resurfacing acetabular components.

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